{ modern . hero . white . BOWIE .

" Stars are never sleeping
Dead ones and the living
We live closer to the earth
Never to the heavens
The stars are never far away
Stars are out tonight
They watch us from behind their shades
***, Jack and Kate and Brad
From behind their tinted window stretch
Gleaming like blackened sunshine
Stars are never sleeping "

the last work from the white duke
whit tilda

shooted by floria sigismondi

is my favorite david bowie
that he put in front of himself
that is kept alive
teasing tendencies of men

always the house symbolizes the psyche
Here haunted vital
pulling the feet to bowie / swinton
that do the elderly
responding to all styles that elderly need

but there are something in the apartment next their
that continues to rumble
until that persistent noise
shake the torpor of a comfortable elderly's life

so they can return to being themselves
the original characters

the double dream of schnitzler
which is very lynch
in that visual aesthetic choise of  floria sigismondi

there are all the bowie's elements :
beauty of androgyny
but irony
and also the coat of the man who fell to earth ( ! )


he ? simply top.